100 Meter Superyacht

100 Meter Explorer Superyacht

Client: private client
Year: 2016

The 100m hybrid explorer is a collaboration between Impossible Productions in New York City and Tim Dempers Studio in Cape Town.

The project is the result of more than 12 months of focused investigation and proposes a completely new direction in yacht design. Conceived for the truly adventurous owner, this project seeks to combine the luxury of a super yacht with the practical benefits of a commercial vessel.

The result is a true global explorer that exploits a multi functional cargo deck to reconfigure the ship's programmatic capabilities using a series of shipping containers. This cargo deck forms a protected courtyard space that sits between two striking accommodation blocks providing a great entertainment area, tender storage or container storage for a range of different missions. This cargo space has been designed to carry a sea plane, cars, motorcycles, a sail yacht, ski mobiles, hot air balloons, hover crafts or any other vehicles depending on the area of operation and the requirements of the owner.

Operational procedures have helped inform the design from the very beginning. All tenders and the helicopter are housed in protected, air conditioned environments that help prevent corrosion and look after complex and sensitive electrical systems.

The 2 discrete accommodation blocks allow for 360 degree views and unparalleled awareness of your surroundings, incorporating private sunken sundecks offering shade and weather protection. The forward “pod” forms the control centre of the ship with navigation station (inclosed wing stations), office space and room for presentation of ideas and planning of adventures. The aft “pod" is the Owner’s accommodation block and enjoys the same dramatic views as the bridge.

Full GA and specifications available upon request. This design is open to further investigation and development for any interested client.

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