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I’ve been working with Veronika for more than 15 years, and over the course of this time she has become an invaluable asset to the production of art. Veronika is involved from the early design stages to outsourcing, fabrication, finding new ways of producing art and project management, until the pieces arrive at my studio, and even after, when it comes to exhibition design and display.

Frank Stella


Veronika Schmid (owner-director Gill Schmid Design, formerly Impossible Productions Ink LLC) has been working closely with internationally renowned artists since 2001, facilitating the production and fabrication of high-end art pieces and sculptures. She works closely with each artist to understand their unique artistic style and sensibility.

She has amassed a vast knowledge of a multitude of fabrication processes, both in the digital and traditional realms, and has facilitated ground breaking innovations in the field of 3d printing (in 2008 producing the largest ever 3d printing sculptures at 3x3x3 meters), along with investigating and setting up innovative multistep processes, providing the most advanced digital 3d modeling and sculpting.

As an architect and designer she has always worked at the very cutting edge of ideas, having been exposed to a wide range of design/ architectural methodologies and approaches through her professional experience and teaching, but always with a deep understanding of traditional/ established and historical design issues. She has been teaching advanced graduate design courses at the most respected architectural universities, such as Columbia University, Harvard GSD, The Architectural Association and many others for more than 15 years.

Gill Schmid Design is recognized for its contemporary, elegant and innovative design sensibility, with a specialization in high-end luxury and one of a kind design solutions. With an expertise in digital fabrication and design, veronika schmid is very well versed in large scale fabrication and construction and has been working on a wide range of scales from miniature jewelry projects to medium and large scale sculptures, along with large scale architecture and construction.

Veronika has worked with many artists and fashion, jewelry & product designers over the past 15 years, and has built up an impressive network of international fabricators & engineers. Rather than fabrication in house, for each project she will find the best/ most appropriate fabricator for the project/ budget, and also coordinate various fabricators for multistep processes. Her project management skills guarantee delivery of the highest quality, from point of inception to delivery at the studio and postproduction by the artist, down to exhibition design and installation on site.

Our Services

Gill Schmid Design helps artists and designers with the production of sculptures, objects and installations. The scope ranges from design and form-finding to production and fabrication, project management, architectural construction and exhibition design, to everything in between. We have been involved in all aspects of the production and installation/ display of art and design.


Design sketches and models in 2D/ 3D and production of models/ maquettes, construction drawings, representation images and illustration of possible installation.


Investigation of various forms of production, pricing inquiries with fabricators, outsourcing, fabrication drawings and coordination of construction process with various parties.


Coordination between artist/ designer and fabricators, along with project management of all construction phases.


Exhibition design, design of displays and installations at private or public locations, including developing installation details, drawing sets and communication with all involved parties.

...a constant striving to work with cutting edge ideas and technologies, yet with a deep understanding of how things were and are made, is what sets us apart from other designers.

Veronika Schmid

Areas of Expertise expertise expertise expertise expertise expertise expertise expertise expertise
design, consulting, project management, exhibition design, 3d modeling & sculpting, form finding, conceptual problem solving, CAD 2D/ 3D/ 4D , fabrication drawings, visualization, 3d printing, 3d scanning, CNC milling, casting, metal fabrication, large sculpture fabrication, architectural construction, etc

Partial Client List

Cecil Balmond, Frida Baranek, Jacob Fellander, Peter Halley, Stephen Jones, Richard Meier, Aurora Lopez Mejia, Cleto Munari, Otto Piene, Frank Stella, Twyla Tharpe, Bernar Venet, Diane Venet, Lawrence Weiner, Zevs.

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