Limousine Tender

12m Limousine Tender

Client: 12 meter Limousine Tender for Younique Yachts
Year: 2015

Revealed at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show. 12 meter Limousine Tender for Younqiue Yachts. Combining lightweight composite construction and advanced hull design, the boat runs smoothly at speed in any sea state and can carry 12+ people in comfort. It offers a full height walk-in limousine space with a modular, customizable and very spacious interior layout. The custom-made seats, with integrated audio, sit in a recessed track on both sides of the boat, and can be rotated by 360 degrees, moved, added or taken out and reclined for sun bathing. A truly unique feature of the new YOUNIQUE tender is that the entire limousine space retracts downwards, so that the tender can be stored in any tender garage, whilst maintaining a full height limousine space in its open position.

Full Specifications available upon request.

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