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Born and raised in Austria, Germany and the US. She is a trained architect and has worked in world renowned yacht design and architecture offices for 15+ years before relocating and establishing IMPOSSIBLE PRODUCTIONS INK LLC in New York in 2009.

She now owns and runs GILL SCHMID DESIGN, which is a rebranding of Impossible Productions Ink, still based in NYC.

She has served as a professor at some of the most prestigious architecture schools, such as the Architectural Association in London, Harvard University and RISD. She has been collaborating with world renowned artists on the design, manufacturing and project management for sculptural work since 2001.

...a constant striving to work with cutting edge ideas and technologies, yet with a deep understanding of how things were and are made, is one thing which sets us apart from other designers.

Veronika Schmid

Recent projects

110m superyacht
110m Superyacht

110m Superyacht designed to PYC. 1 Owner, 8 VIP Suites, 37 Crew.

120m superyacht
120m Superyacht

120m Superyacht designed to PYC. 1 Owner, 8 VIP Suites, 36 Crew.

art pavilion
Art Pavilion

Frank Stella Art Pavilion located at the Bernar Venet Foundation, Le Muy, South of France.


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